The Stephen Stanley Band "Next to Me" (video)

The Stephen Stanley Band 'Next to Me' (video)
The Stephen Stanley Band (whose namesake should be recognizable to fans of Lowest of the Low) recently released a new album titled Jimmy & the Moon, and "Next to Me" from that record has just been given the video treatment.
The black-and-white clip was directed by Gloria Ui Young Kim, who attempted to capture what lies at the heart of the song — "missed connections."

As such, the visual story finds Stanley and featured vocalist Hadley McCall Thackston living out similar experiences, but never quite meeting. That narrative is, however, interspersed with performance footage of the pair and their backing band.
"Although most of the stories on Jimmy & the Moon are deeply rooted in Toronto, the heart of this album resides on Wolfe Island, a short ferry ride from Kingston, ON," Stanley tells Exclaim! "It became the second home to the band as we made this record. So, as we returned time and time again to work, we also got to step out and witness much of the island's desolate, sprawling beauty. From the beginning, I wanted this video to be black and white, it completely was the tone of the song for me. So, set on the beaches and roads of Wolfe Island, featuring Hadley McCall Thackston's haunting performance, this was exactly as it was meant to be."
Watch the video for "Next to Me" down below.