The Cure Are "Finishing Up" Three New Albums

The band's last studio LP '4:13 Dream' landed over a decade ago in 2008

Photo: Sharon Steele

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 28, 2022

It's Friday — new music from the Cure is on deck. Are you in love yet?

Guitarist Reeves Gabrels, who previously played with David Bowie, joined the legendary English rock outfit in 2012. In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, he discussed the band's lengthy recording process of recording not one, but three new albums at once.

"We were over-productive," Gabrels told the publication, "which is great, except it means you really can't judge the songs until you get them close to finished. You kind of have to bring all that material up to the point where you can hear what they are."

Of course, there are still no official dates set for the music's release. That would be too easy, wouldn't it? However, there's some promising news: the Cure are apparently "finishing up" the three albums, which they started working on back in 2019. Gabrels has been contributing his parts remotely from upstate New York while the rest of the band record in England.

The Cure's last LP 4:13 Dream was released over a decade ago in 2008, marking the 13th of their storied career.

In 2021, bandleader Robert Smith told The Sunday Times that the new material is "very emotional" — so much so that he's had a hard time with finishing the lyrics.

"I've struggled more with finishing the words to these new Cure recordings than at any other point," Smith said at the time. "And this year I sort of came back to it. Last year was difficult for a number of reasons, not least the pandemic — but what I wrote this year, I have enjoyed."

But they've been busy since: aside from working on these three new mystery records, Smith has contributed to The Gorillaz Art Book (although in light of recent events, it seems a little odd that Damon Albarn sought out something so close to co-writing), and collaborated with CHVRCHES on their latest album Screen Violence.

Recently, bassist Simon Gallup said he was back in the Cure — two months after exiting the band due to being "fed up with the betrayal."

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