The Agonist Call It Quits

The metalcore band formed in Montreal in 2004

Photo: Eric Sanchez

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 10, 2023

Montreal melodic death metal outfit the Agonist are no longer activated.

After nearly two decades together, the band have announced that they are calling it quits due to "a mix of personal, financial and industry-related issues."

They shared the news on social media, posting the following statement:

Dear friends, it's time to make a very difficult but necessary announcement.

We have decided that the Agonist as a band, has come to an end. Much deliberation and care has been put into making this decision, and unfortunately, given the circumstances, this is the conclusion that makes the most sense for the band and us as individuals.

There are many factors that led to this decision. It is a mix of personal, financial and industry related issues, but in the end the five of us are no longer able to agree on a way forward that would benefit the Agonist business as a whole, while respecting each member's personal lives and wishes.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to the fans for coming out to the shows, buying our merch, and supporting us over the years. Nothing is more satisfying than connecting with our fellow human beings via the gift of music. It is the number one factor that has always driven us — to make you, the listener, feel something. In the end, we know that we've accomplished this together.

Some members of the band will continue to work on music in various ways, others will focus on personal projects and family. We kindly ask you to respect their privacy on this particular matter and encourage you to follow them on their individual social media accounts to support their future endeavours.

The group added that vocalist Vicky Psarakis (who replaced founding member Alissa White-Gluz when she left to join Arch Enemy in 2014) will be continuing on with her band Sicksense. Former bandmates Simon McKay, Danny Marino and Pascal "Paco" Jobin are also working on new musical projects, while Chris Kells — who has directed all of the band's videos since 2015 — will focus on his career as a videographer.

The Agonist's last full-length album, 2019's Orphans, was nominated for a JUNO. Their most recent release remains the 2021 EP, Days Before the World Wept.

See the band's statement below.

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