Dave Grohl's Autobiography Includes a Chapter About Loving Canada

"Let's face it, Canadians are fucking awesome. Laid back, genuine, and funny as all hell."

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 24, 2022

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl's recent memoir The Storyteller includes tales from throughout his life and career, and as well as all the expected Foo Fighters and Nirvana stories, it includes a chapter that's particularly notable for Canadian readers. As Grohl reveals in the book, he absolutely loves Canada. He devotes an entire chapter to his fondness for the country, and he goes into detail about an experience he had at Toronto concert venue the Rivoli.

The chapter in question concerns events that happened in the summer of 1990, when Grohl was touring as the drummer of hardcore band Scream. In the chapter, he refers to Toronto as "the 6," and calls that city and Montreal "two of my favourite cities on earth."

According to Grohl, "It was the post-show parties with our Canuck buddies, unrivalled in hilarity, that really made the trek worthwhile. Because, let's face it, Canadians are fucking awesome. Laid back, genuine, and funny as all hell. I defy anyone to walk one city block without making a fast friend in Canada. We were always welcomed there with open arms by our extended family of freaks and geeks, and they never failed to show us a good time, whether drunkenly wandering the streets of Montreal in search of smoked meat sandwiches and poutine, or getting high until the sun came up while watching Night Ride." That Toronto-based TV show, which aired on Global in the late '80s and early '90s, is "still to this day one of my favourite TV shows," according to Grohl.

The experience he discusses in the chapter occurred at the Rivoli, which Grohl calls "perhaps the coolest club in town" at the time. Scream were due to play the venue the same day as Iggy Pop (who was playing an industry showcase in the afternoon), and Grohl was recruited to play drums with the legendary musician — not because Iggy Pop knew who he was, but simply because Grohl was hanging out in the alley behind the venue.

The Storyteller is out through Dey Street Books. Read Exclaim!'s recent interview with Grohl, in which Foos singer comes clean about the lie he's been telling the press.

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