Taylor Swift Copyrights "This Sick Beat"

Taylor Swift Copyrights 'This Sick Beat'
Life just got a little more difficult for product designers hoping to ride Taylor Swift's coattails. Following last year's insanely successful 1989, the pop star has copyrighted a few phrases associated with the album.

Rolling Stone points out that the legal database Justia has been updated to include 1989 phrases like "Party like it's 1989," "This sick beat," "Cause we never go out of style," "Could show you incredible things" and "Nice to meet you. Where you been?"

These copyrights cover all sorts of products like apparel, entertainment or educational services, bags, musical instruments and accessories, jewelry and more. They also cover, uh, bean bags, Christmas stockings, linens, wind chimes and knitting implements.

On the bright side, the phrase "haters gonna hate" pre-dates her use of it, and she hasn't copyrighted it, so feel free to have a field day with that one.