Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen Are Canada's Spotify Wrapped Anti-Heroes

Swift was the most streamed artist worldwide, while Wallen had the nation's most streamed song and album

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 29, 2023

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Spotify has unveiled its 2023 Wrapped campaign, and since the Exclaim! staffers are airing out our own embarrassing listening habits for your roasting pleasure, it's only fair that we take a stab at the country's stats — which we're also inevitably implicated in and deeply embarrassed by. It's called coping.

First and foremost, after Apple Music bravely named her as their Artist of the Year, Taylor Swift continues her quest for world domination by quite literally being the most streamed artist on Earth. She and Drake, who topped last year's list of Canada's most-streamed artists, swapped positions, just ahead of Morgan Wallen, the Weeknd and 21 Savage.

Porta-potty brawl-inspiring Wallen is startling proof that being a little explicitly racist can actually help your career in country music, with "Last Night" being the nation's highest-played song and One Thing at a Time the most popular album. He likewise dominated Spotify's list of Canada's top Tinder anthems earlier this year — so whether or not the apps are working, Wallen is there with you through every lacklustre hookup or devastating situationship.

Speaking of the impossibility of dating, Miley Cyrus's incredibly mid empowerment anthem "Flowers" being the No. 2 song in the country is proof that we are collectively unwell. (Like yeah, buy yourself flowers, but at least make it less boring?) It's followed by SZA's "Kill Bill," Rema's Selena Gomez-featuring "Calm Down" and Metro Boomin's "Creepin'" with the Weeknd and 21 Savage, which Enya almost put a stop to.

Amid a legacy-defining year, SZA's SOS was also the No. 2 album, while Swift's Midnights was interestingly at No. 3 yet again this year (it doesn't hold up nearly as well a year onward, so it's wild that y'all are still acting like it's better than it actually is). Metro Boomin's HEROES & VILLAINS was the fourth most-streamed before Wallen's 2021 record Dangerous: The Double Album.

If you're into that kind of thing, you can listen to the full playlist of the top songs of 2023 in Canada below, which also features last year's No. 1 song, "As It Was" by Harry Styles, as well as 2022's No. 2, Glass Animals' "Heat Waves." New most listened-to music? Who needs it!

Most-Streamed Artists in Canada:

1. Taylor Swift
2. Drake
3. Morgan Wallen
4. The Weeknd
5. 21 Savage

Most-Streamed Songs in Canada:

1. Morgan Wallen - "Last Night"
2. Miley Cyrus - "Flowers"
3. SZA - "Kill Bill"
4. Rema - "Calm Down (with Selena Gomez)"
5. Metro Boomin - "Creepin' (with the Weeknd & 21 Savage)"
Most-Streamed Albums in Canada:

1. Morgan Wallen - One Thing at a Time
2. SZA - SOS
3. Taylor Swift - Midnights
4. Metro Boomin - HEROES & VILLAINS
5. Morgan Wallen - Dangerous: The Double Album

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