Spotify Reveals Canada's Top Tinder Anthems, and We Hate Love Now

Can we please swipe left on this information?

Photo: John Shearer

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 28, 2023

It's undeniably hard out here. Dating? In 2023? Few are brave enough to even try it — and, unfortunately, those few are using and abusing app features like Tinder anthems in the process. Spotify launched its integration with the dating app back in 2016 to allow users to add an "anthem" to their profiles, and a new report from the streaming service has revealed Canada's top picks.

If you aren't on Tinder, you can consider yourself lucky for many reasons. Add the top three most "Liked" anthems for women aged 25 to 30 being dominated by playful racial slur enjoyer Morgan Wallen: "Cowgirls" with ERNEST and "Everything I Love" locked the first and second positions. At least there's a Zach Bryan in there for good measure, with "Sun to Me" at No. 3.

Meanwhile, the most-liked anthem for women aged 30 to 40 was Drake's "Rich Flex." They are done fucking around and know what's important.

Singles over 40 are real hip with the kids, also often selecting Bryan ("Something Orange"), Sam Smith and Kim Petras's "Unholy" and Selena Gomez and Rema's "Calm Down" as their anthems. Globally speaking, their Gen Z counterparts are keener to select "Kill Bill" by SZA, "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus, "Creepin (with the Weeknd and 21 Savage)" by Metro Boomin and "Anti-Hero" by Taylor Swift.

What people think these songs say about them when they add them to their Tinder profiles requires an entire psychological study, but the pervasiveness of Wallen speaks volumes. All of y'all are walking red flags for that.

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