Swervedriver Unveil New Album 'Future Ruins'

Hear its opening song "Mary Winter"
Swervedriver Unveil New Album 'Future Ruins'
Classic UK shoegaze unit Swervedriver have revealed plans for the band's second post-reunion album. The LP is titled Future Ruins, and it will arrive on January 25 via Dangerbird/Rock Action.

The new album follows the group's 2007 reunion, which in turn led to a series of reunion shows, songs and an entire comeback album, 2015's  I Wasn't Born to Lose You.

To give fans a taste of what's in store, Swervedriver have shared the album's lead-off track "Mary Winter," which you can check out for yourself via the video below.

Future Ruins:

1. Mary Winter

2. The Lonely Crowd Fades in the Air

3. Future Ruins

4. Theeascending

5. Drone Lover

6. Spiked Flower

7. Everybody's Going Somewhere & No-One's Going Anywhere

8. Golden Remedy

9. Good Times Are So Hard to Follow

10. Radio-Silent