Sweet and Lowdown Bring "Bad Coffee" to Life in New Video

Sweet and Lowdown Bring 'Bad Coffee' to Life in New Video
Toronto indie rockers Sweet and Lowdown are back with another song about drinkable substances, following up "Drinks on Me" and "Diet Coke." This time, it's "Bad Coffee" on tap, and they've unveiled a video to go with the tune.
The clip sees the mediocre java coming to life, personified by a man in a coffee cup costume — an actual bad coffee, who proceeds to go on a bender in the aftermath of a failed relationship.
"The goal was to make a dark, gritty drama with a comedic twist," director Mike Onley tells Exclaim! "I wanted people to connect emotionally with the story and forget they were watching a giant, human cup of coffee."
Don't mistake the band for coffee snobs, though.
"The song is obviously tongue in cheek," they tell Exclaim! "Its a love song dedicated to those old coffee machines in hockey arenas and 4 a.m. Tim Hortons."
Check out the "Bad Coffee" video below.
Sweet and Lowdown will perform August 30 at Duffy's in Toronto and on August 31 at Club Absinthe in Hamilton.