Sweet and Lowdown "Drinks with Me" (video)

Sweet and Lowdown  'Drinks with Me' (video)
A little over a year ago, Sweet and Lowdown shared their video for "Last Name," and now the Toronto four-piece have unveiled a brand new clip.
This time it's "Drinks with Me" that's been given the visual treatment. The tune serves as a preview of the band's upcoming debut album, which is tentatively titled So Down and slated for release later this year.
The psych-tinged tune opens with tales of getting a Diet Dr. Pepper in the face and trying to score ketamine at a Taco Bell, before blossoming into a raucous shout-along chorus about imbibing on a budget. The video, meanwhile takes us on a neon-coloured cosmic trip, as the lyrics scroll across the screen. It was directed by Andrew Friesen.
"This song was inspired by the witty, dark lyricist from bands like Cake, and Why? mixed with the instrumentation of a party band — a direction we will continue going with," Sweet and Lowdown tell Exclaim!

As for choosing So Down as the album's title, they reveal: "It could mean being down in the dumps or down to party."
"Drinks with Me" will be given a proper single release with a show on April 14 at the Silver Dollar in Toronto, but you can get your first look at the track's accompanying video in the player below right now.