Diamond Hoo Ha

BY Michael EdwardsPublished May 26, 2008

Arriving back in the mid-’90s with a youthful exuberance that was only matched by the equally appealing Ash, Supergrass were a pop band who grew up much more quickly than most of their Britpop compatriots. This was reflected in their albums, yet they always made it seem so effortless, until the band hit a series of setbacks, both with the group and in their personal lives. Diamond Hoo Ha is a return to more familiar territory after 2005’s Road To Rouen, which was more like the soundtrack to a band on their last legs. It celebrates the return of the band’s inspiration and that brings with it the playfulness that hasn’t been seen since Life On Other Planets. Kicking things off with the White Stripes pastiche "Diamond Hoo Ha Man,” it barely stops to catch its breath as it moves from one great song to another. With the majority of the songs taking their inspiration from the ’70s glam rock of T-Rex and their ilk, the tunes are big and the choruses are the kind that everybody wants to sing along with. Although they haven’t really made any bad albums, Diamond Hoo Ha ranks right at the top of Supergrass’s career achievements.

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