Sundays "Shades of Pemberley"

Sundays 'Shades of Pemberley'
Evidently mysterious R&B singer Sundays has been nerding out on Jane Austen as of late, since she's just rolled out a Pride & Prejudice-themed track called "Shades of Pemberley."

This cut from the forthcoming Neverland EP — due out on October 28 through Roshambo Records — takes its name from Fitzwilliam Darcy's fictional estate from the novel. It's a sexy, electronic soul cut that will doubtless leave lots of listeners fantasizing about frolicking soggily with Colin Firth.

A press release release explains that the song was also influenced by a real-life English stately home (a house that this writer coincidentally visited less than two weeks ago). According to the announcement, "The song 'Shades of Pemberley' was inspired by the movie Pride & Prejudice (2005)  The particular scenes of the movie that inspired it took place in a mansion called Pemberley (in real life it is the existing Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England)."

Hear it below.