Steve Adamyk Band

'Graceland' (album stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jul 26, 2016

Steve Adamyk Band showed off a slew of new songs at their recent Ottawa Bluesfest show, but for those who weren't lucky enough to be in the crowd, fear not — Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive early listen to the group's latest LP Graceland.
The Ottawa-based pop-punk unit remains fronted by namesake Steve Adamyk, but also now includes members of Sonic Avenues in the regular lineup, and the new record hears them getting even more collaborative with guest stints from Colleen Green and Mike Krol.
Graceland was recorded with engineer Adrian Popivich in Montreal, and across 13 songs, he manages to capture the "speedy, caffeinated, catchy-but-not-too-wimpy pop" sound the band has become known for churning out.
From the blistering opening chords of "Through My Fingers" to the fully charged power-pop onslaught of tracks like "If I Wanted To" and "False Teeth," through the gritty crunch of cuts like "Give It Away" and the energetic bounce of "Fallen Off," then finally on to closer "She's on My Mind" (and even an extra bonus track), there isn't a moment to slow down and catch your breath.
Inhale hard and hit play below to hear Graceland now, before it officially arrives on July 29 through Dirtnap.

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