Steve Adamyk Band


BY Eva ZhuPublished Mar 13, 2019

If Fall Out Boy and the Ramones had a musical love child, it would take the form of the Steve Adamyk Band. Paradise, the band's sixth full-length, contains the kind of nasal and shouty vocals reminiscent of the '00s garage-rock revival, paired well with heavy, fuzzy instrumentation.

The album's lead single, "In Death," encapsulates the album's fun attitude and catchy guitar work, evoking memories of '70s punk rock. Other single-worthy tracks are "Waiting to Die Part 1," featuring a chorus you can't help but want to belt out while driving down the highway, and "When I Was Gone," where the shouted "hey now" choruses work effortlessly with the poppy instrumental. "The Deep End" closes out the album with a welcome tempo change and a blending of the vocals into the instrumentation.
Unfortunately, Paradise lacks a good sense of variety. By halfway through, the album seems to have played itself out. Despite its catchy moments and its lovable punk heart, the infrequent switch-up in vocal style, song structure and instrumentation means that songs tend to run together, forming a forgettable buzz that doesn't demand a repeat listen.

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