Slough Feg The Animal Spirits

Fuelled by an undying adoration for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, yet pushed slightly off the beaten path by more current sources of inspiration ― one being a surprisingly devout dedication to Fopp-era Soundgarden ― Sough Feg don't mince words when it comes to music. They are a band with every incarnation of Iron Maiden mascot Eddie hanging in their jam space, interspersed with some classic white leather-era Black Sabbath posters for good, doom-y measure, mind you. With "mature" guys rockin' out to some intricate song structures that are high on dexterity, but not so overzealous as to hit Dragonforce territory, the epic, almost operatic aspect of The Animal Spirits is about as subtle as the swastika on Charles Manson's forehead. Perfectly executed and inspiring, with a galloping pace and technical passages worthy of any Piece of Mind or Powerslave track, this is one of the best derivative ― in an entirely respectful manner ― acts of today. Sure, the influence is a bit too strong, at times, but it's still more than just a reasonably hand drawn facsimile. The Animal Spirits has vitality and validity unto itself. (Profound Lore)