Slash Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Behind Horror Film 'The Hell Within'

Slash Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Behind Horror Film 'The Hell Within'
While Slash is best known as a rock guitar god with an extensive top hat collection, the former Guns n' Roses star is also a movie buff with a particular penchant for horror. His latest film foray is The Hell Within, a horror flick that he is producing through his new SlashFiction company.

Slash has launched a FanBacked crowdfunding campaign for the movie, which is being directed by Dennison Ramalho. It was penned by screenwriter Jeff Buhler based on a concept from Ramalho.

The story is about a woman named Marie who runs an international aid organization; she and her husband David travel to Brazil to locate a missing girl named Teresa. According to a synopsis, "Marie and David find themselves isolated in Seringal, a village overrun with drug runners and lost souls, steeped in ritual and superstition.  And as David falls ill to a mysterious disease, Marie begins to realize that the missing child was only the beginning of The Hell Within."

A spooky teaser trailer for The Hell Within can be seen below.

Slash made the following statement about the film:

I love creepy, haunting stuff. I don't go for psycho movies really. But I love monsters and scares that are more cerebral. I love practical effects that make those monsters seem more real on screen. When I read the script for The Hell Within I knew it was the right project for my taste. It spoke to my horror sensibilities. And a story I know horror fans will dig as well.

The film is still in pre-production. Those who offer money towards the crowdfunding campaign will get updates throughout the making of the film. There are also other rewards like stickers, clothing items, a signed copy of The Hell Within on DVD or Blu-ray, a book of production photos and more. It's even possible to be a corpse in the film. It isn't clear exactly when The Hell Within is expected to be complete, but fans can get involved here.

This will be the second horror feature that Slash has produced, following 2013's Nothing Left to Fear.