Simple Plan No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls

Well, it was probably inevitable that in the wake of Sum 41's mega-success that the major labels would be scouring this nation to find the next Great White pop-punk hope. Atlantic hopes they've found it in Montreal's Simple Plan, and the sad thing is that they probably have. Dispensing a trite and derivative brand of inoffensive mall punk, the quintet recalls the mock sincerity of New Found Glory and Good Charlotte while attempting to show Blink 182’s goofiness. Produced by Arnold Lanni, the Svengali (Frozen) ghost writer/mastermind behind Our Lady Peace, the songs are polished to a glossy finish that will undoubtedly find itself a market. Listen for the insipid first single, "I'm Just a Kid," stinking up airwaves on the generic modern rock radio station in your town. (Warner)