Sebastien Grainger Sheds Light on Death From Above 1979's New Album

Sebastien Grainger Sheds Light on Death From Above 1979's New Album
While we recently learned that Sebastien Grainger has a new solo set called Yours to Discover coming our way this fall, fans of fuzzy noise rockers Death From Above 1979 are still waiting on details as to when the duo will deliver their reunion album. If Grainger's recent Polaris Music Prize Gala appearance is to be believed, it will be sometime within the next year, but the drummer/vocalist admits the record is still a ways off from being anywhere near completed.

"I don't know when the record will be done, so I can't really speak specifically on details in that regard," Grainger tells Exclaim! in a recent interview. "We're still working on the material... it'll be done when it's done. It could be in three weeks, it could be three months."

Despite the lack of concrete info, Grainger admits that he and bassist Jesse Keeler are "having a lot of fun working on stuff together," and have been trying to figure out how to balance the template they set up in their early 20s with the fact that they're now more accomplished musicians in their mid-30s.

"We don't want to make a nerdy, technical record or an unsexy, super adult record," he says, alluding to the dangers of messing with the band's patented sound. Putting those fears to rest, he adds: "At a certain point, once it's put through the filter of this two-piece band with that crazy bass sound, it's difficult not to resemble Death From Above. No matter what we do."

Grainger confirms that the band are working on tracks that they had road-tested during their 2012 fall tour, but notes that the songs have evolved since then. Song titles have yet to be solidified, but the LP will be the first from the pair since 2004's You're a Woman, I'm a Machine.

Death From Above 1979's last official release was the 2005 remix set Romance, Bloody Romance.

If the promise of Grainger solo material and a Death From Above 1979 LP wasn't enough for fans, the musician also notes that he also has a new LP in the works from his Deserts project, formerly known as Bad Tits. According to Grainger, he and Tangiers member Josh Reichmann are looking to have a new album out later in 2014, though not until after the Death From Above 1979 LP arrives.

"I've taken my end out of it for the time being so I can focus on the two other projects, but it's coming along as well," Grainger says, adding with a laugh, "it's a weird situation to be in to go from five years of creative silence to all of this shit."

For now, get set for Grainger's Yours to Discover solo album to drop on November 12 via Last Gang.