Death From Above 1979 Urge Fans to Not Film Live Shows

> Oct 29 2012

Death From Above 1979 Urge Fans to Not Film Live Shows
By Gregory AdamsEarlier this morning (October 29), footage from reunited duo Death From Above 1979's tour opener in Hamilton, ON, this weekend leaked and shed light on a pair of new tunes the group have been working on. From a fan's perspective, it was a dream come true, but unfortunately it turns out the reveal came against the band's wishes.

A blog post made by drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger earlier in the weekend summed up his excitement at showing off their brand new tunes, but also explained that the duo were hoping to keep the tracks between themselves and concert audiences, not for the blogs.

"There is an exaltation that occurs that is impossible to capture. It's not just something you experience with your eyes and ears, it's something you experience with the entirety of your self," he wrote. "I've often compared being at a show to standing at the edge of a massive canyon. You can't photograph it, or film it or even explain it. It is you in the presence of something that is unexplainable, in a space and in a time."

Aside from asserting that a iPhone vid can't recreate the experience of an intimate, sweaty live show, Grainger noted that some of their work is still under construction, which is another reason they're asking people not to show the whole world what's going on.

"Some songs don't have any words yet. Some songs are like bucking rodeo horses that we can just barely hold on to. But one thing we are sure of is that the songs are sooooo fucking exciting," he continued. "So, we are asking that those of you that are coming to the shows respect the sanctity of what we are doing and to try your best to not shoot video or record audio. We are not banning your devices or asking anyone to enforce this, and we don't want you guys to get into it with other audience members. In the end, do what you want, but it is our preference to keep what we are doing on this tour between us."

Clearly people are still going to be sneaking out their contraptions to nab a little audio/visual memento, but only time will tell if the kids keep it in their private collections. Keep Death From Above 1979's wishes in mind if you're attending any of the remaining dates, which you can see below.

Tour dates:

10/29 Peterborough, ON - Venue

10/30 London, ON - London Music Hall

11/1 Kitchener, ON - Wax Nightclub

11/2 Laval, QC - Studio Theatre

11/3 Quebec City, QC - Union Commerciale

11/4 Ottawa, ON - Ritual

11/5 Kingston, ON - Alehouse

11/7 Fredericton, NB - The Market

11/8 Moncton, NB - Oxygen

11/9 Halifax, NS - Olympic Hall

11/11 St. John's, NL - Club One


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Welcome to the Internet, douchebag.
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Jane is right. Besides I'm on the west coast; how the fuck else can I "experience it"?
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Uh, it's 2012 Dude...
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Welcome to the world! This is 2012
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Come to anywhere in British Columbia. Fuck, I have been waiting to see this band live since I was a young bastard. PLEASE!
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Being in 2012 has nothing to do with it. Jack White will throw your ass out of a show if he sees you recording him. You paid to see the artist, are peoples memories so bad that they need to record the show. Or are they just excited to get 100 views on youtube?
1 Reply
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New material aside, only douchebags record shows. Unless there's a fight breaking out or something weird, all of those videos are the same, poorly recorded, out of focus shots from weird angles. They are useless. What's worse, in the process of making these stupid videos, you annoy everyone else around you with your stupid glowing screen blocking their view. LIVE IN THE MOMENT; YOU'LL GET MORE OUT OF IT!
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Why would he ask people to not do something for fear of ruining the atmosphere and then say that the atmosphere is something that cannot be captured? Then he confuses the matter more by saying people can bring their devices but dont use them, there will be no enforcement on the issue and try not to get into it with other audience members over the subject. Well if that doesnt set up the next show for an unwanted audience argument I dont know what does.

Either do not allow fans to take pictures/video (lame) or allow fans to do what they will do anyway (even at the expense of being tossed out).

Maybe he is going to join Prince in an anti internet revolution. Or maybe he should just hire Axl Rose to be the onstage enforcer for anyone attempting to record audio/video.
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welcome to the 21st century and not 1979 good. Maybe ask Trent Reznor how he has utilized the internet and WELCOMES fans to film his shows, as well as remix his songs. Oh did I mention he evens gives most of his music in the last several years away free? Look into Year Zero and how it was released... purposely left hard drives with the new music on it at concerts for people to find and leak. Ya it def isnt 1979 anymore boss.
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Why is everyone shitting on Sebastien here? He's simply asking fans not to record video and share it on their current tour and gave an explanation. Are the "Welcome to the 21st century, douchebag" kind of comments really necessary?
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