Exclaim! Comics: Festival Butts, Montreal Humidity, DFA1979 Want to Save Condom Shack

Image by Joseph Starkey

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Jun 26, 2023

Summer is here, and the Exclaim! comics page has a lot to say about it! The latest instalment of Cheezies reflects on the gorgeous weather (and scary bugs) of humid Montreal nights, while Paterson Hodgson contemplates how much butt is the right amount of butt for festival attire. Meanwhile, Shane Keyu Song of the band Century Egg conveys the experience of ADHD, while Exclaim!'s own Joseph Starkey goes to a Death from Above 1979 concert and hears way more about condoms than expected.

See it all below, and check them out in print in Exclaim!'s Summer 2023 issue.

Death from Above 1979 by Joseph Starkey

Too Much Butt? by Paterson Hodgson

Cheezies by Fiona Smyth

ADHD by Shane Keyu Song

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