Screeching Weasel Anthem for a New Tomorrow

This reissue of Screeching Weasel’s fifth album takes everything that was great about the 1993 original and makes it shiny and new again. All 18 tracks have been remastered to bring Screeching Weasel’s super crunchy sound to an ultimate level. Notorious for their breathlessly short songs and insanely catchy beats, the pioneers of pop punk have been captured perfectly on Anthem for a New Tomorrow. And it’s no wonder that this is the band’s favourite record out of their back catalogue. "I’m Gonna Strangle You” is a deliriously enjoyable whine about wanting someone to shut up. What sounds like a Casio keyboard in the background on "Falling Apart” is a perfect addition to a song that captures the band’s sound so well. A Ramones influence stirs through the three chord wonder "Leather Jacket,” and if someone made a top ten list of punk rock love songs, "Totally” would be on it. This reissue also includes footnotes by Ben Weasel on what each song is about, which is a nice touch for new fans, or old ones looking back. (Asian Man)