Screaming Females "Wishing Well"

Screaming Females 'Wishing Well'
Punk-leaning New Jersey indie rock outfit Screaming Females have amassed a huge discography over the years, but they've yet to run out of ideas. Instead, the group sound refreshed on their new track "Wishing Well."

Rather than a quick, hard-hitting punk song, "Wishing Well" takes its time before arriving at its triumphant climax. As always, the song features some rip-roaring guitar work from frontwoman Marissa Paternoster.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Paternoster said the song's been a fan favourite since it was written. "I'm certain that many listeners will consider this song a 'departure' for us, but really, we've never had a set formula as to what style of music we ought to be playing," she said. "When we first started playing it live, people seemed to take to it immediately. People would always ask, 'Hey, play that song about the wishing well or whatever it's called!'"

Listen to "Wishing Well" below. The song will arrive on a new 7-inch tomorrow (October 7) from Don Giovanni.