Say Anything / MeWithoutYou / Piebald / Forgive Durden El Corazon, Seattle, WA - November 7

Through the dimly lit corridor of the El Corazon in Seattle, Washington, the crowd was packed into the main area like a swarm of fish barely able to even open their gills. Forgive Durden hit their hometown stage first, rocking out and setting the vibe for the rest of the night, with the crowd anxious to move and release the pent up adolescent energy. The rock veterans of the night, Piebald, took to the stage shortly after and started playing above the background music and the glare of the house lights until the control desk realised a good 30 seconds later that they had begun their first song. These boys delivered a tight, solid set, with hair flying, hip shattering energy that showed their years together have matured them immensely as both musicians and performers. They played a few old favourites like their "hit” "American Hearts,” as well as some new material for their next release due out on January 23, such as "Getting Mugged and Loving it,” which was, as singer Travis Shettel explained, his experience with "four guys, two knives and no money for me at the end of it.” Underground legends mewithoutYou, took the stage next and played a non-stop set with each song transitioning amazingly into the next, covering a wide variety of their catalogue, including "O Porcupine” and "A Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains” from their latest release, Brother, Sister. Max Bemis and his posse, of the love, lust, and revenge-ravaged band Say Anything, were the closers, but you wouldn’t know why from this night, even with the crowd devouring Max’s every word and sweaty glance. Max did best on the songs he sang solo, with acoustic guitar in hand, showcasing the real talent and driving force, whereas the band felt immature and unsure of themselves, lacking dramatically in stage presence, aside from the drummer, who held his own amongst the more experienced acts.