Sarah Harmer You Were Here

Sarah Harmer's You Were Here has all the earmarks of a blockbuster debut. Having cut her teeth fronting Kingston, ON's late great Weeping Tile, Harmer has found her stride as a singer/songwriter who is a master of her own domain. With heart and soul to spare, You Were Here's 12 tracks remind us that even joy can be painful, that love can be based on betraying not only the people we love, but ourselves. Bittersweet tracks, "Basement Apartment" and "Capsized," balance with the open-eyed simplicity of "Open Window (The Wedding Song)" and the big hit in waiting, "Lodestar." Harmer's roots driven debut is sensitive and poignant. Painted with a colourful romanticism that is thoroughly captivating, You Were Here is alive and remarkable. It all works. (Universal)