Ryan Hemsworth Curates Secret Songs Series

Ryan Hemsworth Curates Secret Songs Series
As if Ryan Hemsworth's output wasn't already prolific enough, the Canadian producer is launching a music series called Secret Songs, through which he will curate material from a range of under-the-radar artists.

In a statement, Hemsworth clarified that this isn't a label. Rather, he will be releasing free digital music (with unlimited downloads) every two weeks. Saying that the series is focused on "inclusion and discovery," he promised that he will be sharing music from "weirder, lesser-known artists."

As far as we can tell, Hemsworth isn't planning on releasing his own music through Secret Songs; he's instead focusing on "distinct sounds by unique artists who aren't getting the shine I think they deserve."

First up in the series is Edmonton teenager Tennyson with a sugar-spiked electronic track called "You're Cute."

Hemsworth said, "This is the ideal way to start off Secret Songs. for a few reasons: Tennyson is a kid from Edmonton, Alberta, where nothing like this type of music happens; I couldn't tell you which genre he falls under; and the damn song is called 'You're Cute.' i hope everyone falls in love with this kid like i have. download, listen to it while you're taking a bath, and share with all your friends."

Hear it below, and stay tuned to Secret Songs' SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates.