Rustie "First Mythz" (video)

Rustie 'First Mythz' (video)
Let it not be said that Rustie is a man without, ahem, porpoise. After rifling off his dolphin-sampling EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE track "First Mythz" a little while ago, the Scottish producer is putting the focus on those squeaky sea dwellers in a newly uploaded music video.

Considering the clip is a manic assault of quickly shifting pieces of home video footage, it may be tough to sort out what all is going on. That said, if you're lucky, you'll discover that the buzzy synth blasts of "First Mythz" have been synced up with the sight of pods of friendly Flippers, fireworks displays, wind surfing sessions and an ocean-riding power couple's deck-side vacation.

You'll find the busy visuals down below.