Rustie Returns with New Song "Black Ice Mudra"

It's the artist's first release since 2015

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 4, 2024

Rustie has returned with a new song. "Black Ice Mudra" arrives today via Warp Records, and marks the Scottish producer's first release in nearly a decade.

"Black Ice Mudra," which you can hear in the player below, features the supercharged electronics that were highlights of albums like Glass Swords and Green Language. Without drums, the synths are left alone to build anticipation for what's next. Coupled with the artwork seen above, featuring a pair of eyes peering out of darkness, it's clear the single is the first step of the Glaswegian's raring return.

Following the surprise arrival of third album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE in late 2015, Rustie announced that live dates behind the release had been cancelled "due to addiction and mental health problems." 

He also announced how he wouldn't "be posting or responding on social media personally for a while." Save for the occasional live date in his native Scotland, the artist has largely been out of the spotlight in the time since.

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