Run the Jewels "A Christmas Fucking Miracle" (video)

Run the Jewels 'A Christmas Fucking Miracle' (video)
Just in time for the holidays, Run the Jewels have set up a seasonally appropriate set of visuals behind their self-titled debut's "A Christmas Fucking Miracle."

The video has the rap duo tipping their hats to a number of yuletide traditions. A crutch-clutching El-P channels Tim Tim early on, asking for some change from a miserly Killer Mike. The cane-wielding ATL spitter pulls a Scrooge, though, by pushing the unfortunate soul into the snow. Things get jollier in the salute to A Christmas Story, which has Mike as Santa and El-P as a bells-jingling elf.

As the Christmas-themed boom bap track continues, the boys sit nice for some portraits, relax with some cognac, and then let the guitar-toting Ghost of Christmas Past shred his way through the outro. The goofy visuals should all warm your heart, and you can peep them down below.