Ron Sexsmith Unveils 25th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue of His Classic 1995 Debut

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Sep 2, 2020

Ron Sexmith is celebrating the release of self-titled major label debut album with a 25th anniversary vinyl reissue.

Today the beloved Canadian artist revealed he would be reissuing the 1995 album on 180-gram vinyl via Universal Music Canada on October 9.

To refresh your memory, Ron Sexsmith originally arrived back in '95 via Interscope Records and was produced by Mitchell Froom. As Sexsmith himself put it, the album was his "shy and awkward introduction to the world…my sparse, almost black and white debut."

For the 25th anniversary reissue of the album, Sexsmith has made a few changes. Mainly, the songwriter has restored the tracklist that he originally envisioned for the album.

 "You may notice that unlike the original CD version, the vinyl does not include the Lanois version of 'There's a Rhythm,' which closed the record," he explained in a statement. "You may even be disappointed about that, but you see I'd always meant for the record to end with 'Galbraith Street' and at the time it saddened me that Interscope had tacked on this other version of 'There's a Rhythm' at the end for reasons I won't get into here. I liked the version, but it always stuck out like a sore thumb for me. So now after 25 years I finally get to put out the record the way it was originally meant to be which I'm very happy about."

Speaking of the album as a whole, Sexsmith went on to add:

It never did break any sales records but it ended up on nearly every major critics year-end list in 1996 and gave me a leg to stand on. I was proud that the record we had made sounded like nothing else that particular year. It seemed like a perfect way to introduce myself to the world. Even the very first chord you hear is slightly out of tune which seemed appropriate.

Down below, you can see the new tracklisting for the album, where you can also pre-order the reissue.

Earlier this year, Sexsmith released his most recent album HERMITAGE.

Ron Sexsmith:


1. Secret Heart

2. There's a Rhythm

3. Words We Never Use

4. Summer Blowin' Town
5. Lebanon, Tennessee

6. Speaking with the Angel


7. In Place of You

8. Heart with No Companion

9. Several Miles

10. From a Few Streets Over

11. First Chance I Get

12. Wastin' Time

13. Galbraith Street

Pre-order Ron Sexsmith.

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