Rocko "Lil Girl Shit" (ft. Young Thug)

Rocko 'Lil Girl Shit' (ft. Young Thug)
Rocko has fired off yet another collaborative track this week, this time bringing aboard AutoTuned rapper du jour Young Thug for a pretty patronizing track they call "Lil Girl Shit."

The beat suitably booms throughout the tag-team track, which also streams hazy plumes of synthwork beneath the duo's half-rapped/half-crooned lines. The hook intends to cut someone down to size with its implications of absurdly childish behaviour. As Rocko rolls through his verse, we learn that a lady has been snooping through his e-mails, posting pictures of the rapper sleeping onto Instagram, and performing other unsavoury acts. Thugga offers up thematically on point bars, but does so with his patented off-kilter flow.

Though we'll suggest that the name-calling session is an equally infantile move, you can decide for yourself whether Rocko and Young Thug's claims are warranted.