Rochelle Jordan "Lowkey"

Rochelle Jordan 'Lowkey'
Despite the buzz surrounding Toronto-raised, L.A.-based R&B singer Rochelle Jordan, she apparently prefers to keep most of her goings-on on the DL. To prove her point, the velvet-voiced vocalist is laying out her secretive game plan via a new single called "Lowkey."

KLSH's beat on the cut plays both sensuous and murky, with a nocturnal cloud of synths and downtempo beats supporting the singer's summation of her secretive situation. Throughout "Lowkey," chill calls are delivered detailing the pros and cons of creeping around with your friend in the shadows. While she notes the covert concept has "got me secretly wanting more of you," there's still a hesitancy to fully "cross that line."

You can suss out the logistics of the pair keeping things under wraps by giving the song a stream down below.