Republican Rep. Objects to Honouring Allison Russell's Grammy Win — but Not Paramore's

The Tennessee House Republican Caucus Chair objected to honouring Nashville-based Russell's success but not Paramore's for some reason

Photo: Allison Russell by Atsuko Kobasigawa (left), Paramore by Stephen McGill (right)

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 14, 2024

A news item about a Republican being blatantly racist? Must be Wednesday.

Tennessee representative (D-Nashville) Justin Jones brought forth two resolutions to honour a couple of Nashville-based musical acts for their Grammy wins on Monday (February 12). Only Allison Russell, who graced the cover of Exclaim! last year and just won her first Grammy for Best American Roots Performance, received an objection from a House Republican.

House Republican Caucus Chair Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) objected to the resolution to honour Russell — but not the one to honour Paramore, who won Best Rock Album and Best Alternative Music Performance. During Black History Month, no less!

As per The Tennessean, Faison's objection means the ceremonial resolution gets sent back to the committee, “where objected consent items often die.” By House rules, no debate was required, so the Republican rep. did not have to express his opposition to Russell.

Both the Canadian-born roots singer and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams have been vocal critics of the state's Republican anti-LGBTQ2S+ legislation banning "adult cabaret" performances in public spaces where children might be present in addition to gender-affirming healthcare for adolescents.

"That the TN GOP blocked it, I take it as a compliment," Russell responded to the thwarted resolution on Twitter. "Their bigotry, sadly, is on relentless display. We have a chance this year to make a real change in TN."

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