Rage Against the Machine Say They Won't Be "Sellouts" Who Do Drive-In Shows

"It's not a good show unless the audience is going off too," says bassist Tim Commerford

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 5, 2021

While it remains to be seen if Rage Against the Machine's anticipated reunion tour will take place in 2021 as expected, bassist Tim Commerford is adamant that he and his bandmates aren't interested in playing drive-in concerts to make it a reality.

While out in Los Angeles, Commerford was approached by the cameras of TooFaband was asked about the postponed reunion run and possibly hitting the road with such COVID-minded measures in place.

"It was already going to be something really special without getting into it, like we were doing things that we never done before, and we're all better musicians than we've ever been before," Commerford told the site of the tour. "The music was all time and it was just exciting. It was going to be a really great new version, a new exciting version of Rage, you know?"

Commerford commented on how musicians "got kicked to the curb" as COVID-19 caused a shut down of the touring industry. "We're the last ones to [reopen]," he shared, "So, like, it's stressful for me just because I look at Rage and go, like, 'Fuck we rely on an audience'. You go to Rage shows to see the audience as much as to see the band, and we need that."

He added: "We'll never be one of these sellouts that's gonna go play a drive-in show or play a venue that holds 100,000 people and there's only 10,000 people there. That's bullshit. Rage will never do that. It's not a good show unless the audience is going off too. It's gotta be a shared experience."

Last May, Rage Against the Machine rescheduled their planned reunion tour with Run the Jewels to begin this June. As part of their announcement, the band shared, "Rage Against the Machine will commence our tour at such a time when we are confident it will be safe for our fans."

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