Roedelius' Qluster Return with "Harmonious" New Album

Roedelius' Qluster Return with 'Harmonious' New Album
Hans-Joachim Roedelius returned to his ever-evoling Kluster project last year with the piano-driven Tasten LP from the outfit's current incarnation, Qluster. The German experimentalist and the rest of his collaborators have already returned from the well to deliver a decidedly more electronic follow-up: Echtzeit. The album surges into stores March 4 via Bureau B.

While Tasten was organically driven, it's explained in a press release that the new LP traffics in "contemplative, mature, and intelligent electronic music." That said, Roedelius has apparently also threaded plenty of piano into the 10-song effort.

The sixth recording from Qluster was recorded in a church and comprises various long-form improvisations. While the outfit's pre-Tasten work featured experimental electronic soundscapes, it's explained that Echtzeit steers away from "dissonance, noises, or glitch," playing out as a more "harmonious" release from Qluster.

Down below, you'll find the full tracklisting for the collection, not to mention a sampler of its tranquil sounds.


1. Stein auf Stein
2. Beste Freunde
3. Verweile doch
4. Von weiter Ferne ganz nah
5. Glasperlenspiel
6. Zweites Kapitel
7. Das seltsame Tier aus dem Norden
8. Auf der Lichtung
9. Weg am Hang
10. In deinen Händen