Roedelius Resurrects Cluster as Qluster for New Album Trilogy

Roedelius Resurrects Cluster as Qluster for New Album Trilogy
Since 1971, German kosmische masters Cluster have been releasing forward-thinking records, helping define the Krautrock genre and becoming electronic music pioneers in the process. Over the years, the duo have gone on several hiatuses, but reformed for various projects. Then, at the end of 2010, they announced that the project was done for good. The silver lining, however, is that founding member Hans-Joachim Roedelius has unveiled plans to continue working under the name Qluster.

Along with Roedelius, Qluster includes the efforts of Onnen Bock, who will replace Cluster co-founder and longtime Roedelius partner Dieter Moebius. The pair of Roedelius and Bock have revealed plans for a trilogy of albums, beginning with Fragen this spring.

A press release explains that "two fundamental decisions, borne of an acutely refined sense of musical self-conception, have shaped Qluster: the use of analog keyboards only and a focus on improvisation through vibrant playing technique. Qluster have jettisoned all forms of ballast pertaining to music and sound."

Fragen will be available on CD or LP on June 7 via Bureau B. A live preview of the band is available below, along with an audio sample of a track called "Kleines-stuendchen." More audio from the band is available here.


1. "Los Geht's"
2. "Auf Der Alm"
3. "Zartbitter"
4. "Wurzelwelt"
5. "Fünf Nach Eins"
6. "Haste Töne"
7. "Josef Z."

QLUSTER - LIVE PREVIEW 2011 from luma launisch on Vimeo.

Kleines-stuendchen.mp3 by QLUSTER