Plateau spacEcake

For years cEvin Key has assaulted our senses, hearing and ethics with Skinny Puppy and Download albums. The second album from Plateau with Phil Western has begun to undo some of the enjoyable damage Key has done with his past bands. Plateau have more in common with Aphex Twin or Autechre than Revolting Cocks or Pigface — proving once again that Key can be pioneering and exciting when tackling new subject matters. The ambient stylings are bound to please those who want to unwind with a martini, spliff or good book. Together, the duo have gotten in touch with their passive side and created an album filled with exquisite electronic experiments that are unlike anything Key has done. Surprisingly, they are more than capable of stretching their music abilities and handle themselves as seasoned ambient pros who have been doing this style their whole career. Long time fans will be amazed at the musical offerings in store, since the album is a definite departure from the harder Plateau debut Music for Grass Bars. SpacEcake is a welcome relief from the daily industrial grind that Skinny Puppy was so prominent in creating. (Metropolis)