Pitbull Is a COVID-19 Conspiracy Theorist

Mr. Worldwide has some spicy opinions on the worldwide pandemic

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 17, 2021

The last we heard from Pitbull, it was some decidedly non-sinister news — the party animal had trademarked his signature call sign "EEEEEEEYOOOOOO." Now, however, Mr. Worldwide has plenty to say about the worldwide pandemic.

A new clip has surfaced — which was actually released as part of a larger podcast project back in September — where the musician born Armando Christian Pérez shares plenty of common conspiratorial talking points about COVID-19.

The clip, which you can view below, is full of common Facebook conspiracy theorist talking points, most or all of which have since been debunked. The interview took place on a show called Drink Champs, which is part of the Revolt TV network. It stars N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN.

"There's a rehearsal that went on before this whole shit — it's called Event 201," Pitbull said, referring to a conference that was held in October 2019. "It was ran by the John Hopkins University, which is in cahoots with Bill Gates, Melinda Gates Foundation. And this was a complete rehearsal of what we did right now."

As pointed out by fact checkers, the event did in fact take place, but saw organizers map out what would happen in a fictional coronavirus scenario. It was not, as has been falsely claimed, a prediction of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pitbull also ranted about corporations like Microsoft, Nike, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Disney and Hulu.

If you feel so inclined, the video (which, again, is filled with misinformation) is available below.


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