Pants Yell! Alison Statton

One could argue that this Cambridge, MA band have a ridiculous name, but I think it’s got a neat sense of whimsy to it. Indeed, it fits well with their sound, which is a dash of twee and melodrama combined with a sharp sense of pop melody. From the first song to the last, I was utterly charmed by these earnest young men, as it’s probably the best emulation of Swedish pop this side of the pond. The titular Statton is a member of the seminal band Young Marble Giants but, really, it could anyone in the title, as long as the name is female. Opening with the fantastic "More Purple,” which accentuates its brisk pop with bright saxophones and trumpets, one can’t help but, well, bop along. "Reject, Reject” is a little more contemplative, but it’s the repeating guitar chords and Andrew Churchman’s heartfelt delivery that make the impression. Pants Yell! are occasionally a bit too cloying and run a little close to self-parody but if they can harness their awesome pop powers, there’s no reason they can’t be everyone’s new darlings. (Soft Abuse)