One of Coldplay's Final Three Albums Will Be a Musical

Yes, we have that to look forward to sometime before 2025

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 27, 2022

Nobody loves anything quite as much as Chris Martin loves claiming that Coldplay are retiring — and the musician has spent the last decade doing what he loves.

But now there's an added twist: after confirming that the band only have three more albums left and will stop making music in 2025, Martin has said that one of those final three albums will take the shape of a musical.

The bandleader discussed his plans for the future on yesterday's (January 26) episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (side note: did anyone else forget that this was still a thing?), where the host got confirmation from Martin that there would be three more albums released by 2025, and one of them would apparently be a musical.

"Yeah, I think that's what feels right to us," he said on behalf of Coldplay at large. "I think we'll keep touring, and we'll always be together as a group of musicians and friends. But I think the story of our albums ends then."

"And then one's going to be a musical?" DeGeneres clarified — to which Martin responded, "I hope so, yeah."

"I think we'd really like to do a movie musical," he added, before joking that it would be called East Side Story.

It definitely doesn't strike us as exceeding the realm of possibility for Coldplay, especially following their recent innovative use of emojis for song titles. However, they've also unsuccessfully tried to write themes for five James Bond movies.

You can watch the interview clip below, where the singer-songwriter also says things like, "My only Korean friends are Psy and BTS."

Continually saying things, Martin recently revealed that we have Back to the Future to thank for Coldplay's existence.

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