Offset Livestreamed Himself Being Detained at a Trump Rally

Offset Livestreamed Himself Being Detained at a Trump Rally
Offset went on Instagram Live to film himself being detained by police this weekend, after passing through a Trump rally that saw him accused of waving a gun at attendees.

In videos (captured below), the Migos rapper is seen in his vehicle after the Beverly Hills PD stopped him on Saturday (October 24) to respond to an attendee's accusations. Police ask him to put his hands up, but Offset refuses to take his hands off the steering wheel because, he claims, the officers had guns drawn on him.

"You know who I am? Offset from the Migos. They got fans, that's why they're following me," Offset says at one point. In the clip, Offset is also heard threatening to sue the cops for the altercation.

He was later detained, but not arrested.

Earlier in the day, Offset, Cardi B and her cousin Marcelo Almanzar were passing through the rally, when Cardi went on Instagram to voice her fears about the alarming number of Trump supporters in the area. According to TMZ, Offset's car was attacked in an altercation that day, though it is unclear if the incident involved the party related to the police call.

Almanzar was later detained for possession of a concealed firearm and was released on bail set at $35,000, according to The Fader. Offset's accusers are not pressing charges at this time.

See the videos, and a statement from the police, below.