Obituary Drummer Donald Tardy's Feral Cat Rescue Has Us Dying of Cuteness

The death metal vet and his "Metal Meowlisha" turned CNN into Cat News Network

Photos: Florian Stangl (left), Metal Meowlisha (right)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jan 13, 2023

On the heels of releasing new album Dying of Everything, co-founding Obituary drummer Donald Tardy has us dying of cuteness with his long-running feral cat rescue back in the spotlight.

Tardy — one of three co-founding members still playing in the influential Florida death metal outfit — appeared on CNN yesterday (January 12) to speak with reporter Rick Damigella both about Obituary's first new album since 2017, and his continued efforts with the Metal Meowlisha cat rescue. 

"It's a little over 17 years now that my girlfriend and I have been doing what we do," the drummer told CNN of the two-person operation that cares for nearly 100 stray and feral cats across 33 colonies in Obituary's home city of Tampa, FL..

"Right here in my community I saw homeless cats, I saw kittens in terrible places, and I just wanted to learn how I could help my neighbourhood," Tardy continued. "And so we educated ourselves. And the Humane Society has a wonderful program called 'trap/neuter/return'.

Of course, the television report creates cute contrast through cutting clips of Obituary music videos together with those of some serious cat care.

"All I do while I'm home from tour is before I eat my dinner, I load up my truck with food and fresh water," he explained. "I'm like a UPS driver. I have a route every night. It takes me about two and a half hours. I bring them fresh water and food."

Read Exclaim!'s review of Dying of Everything, ahead of catching Tardy and his Metal Meowlisha on CNN in the player below.

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