Nothing "Vertigo Flowers"

Nothing 'Vertigo Flowers'
Modern day shoegaze crew Nothing have delivered a dizzying preview of their forthcoming Tired of Tomorrow full-length for Relapse. Titled "Vertigo Flowers," the fuzz-slathered track is streaming now.

Ahead of a full-band romp, a melancholy blast of guitar supports Dominic Palermo's mellow moans about "hating everything." It's a '90s-style piece that fits in with Nothing's evolution and a fitting step forward from the band's breakthrough, Guilty of Everything.

In a statement, Palermo had this to say of the song:
I was walking to the bank one day with a couple friends and I believed a car full of men was following me around. I walked through the parking lot and into a Walmart and hid there for a couple hours. I was experiencing a new consistent spell of vertigo that I believed may have been a direct result of a recent brain trauma and hospital stay. Everything seemed hazy and for a few weeks I was having a hard time sorting everything out. In the studio the vertigo never really stopped so a lot of the lyrics I had previously wrote for songs I decided to change because whatever was going on in my head I wanted out.

You'll find the track below, where you'll also find a new in-studio trailer for the new album. Tired of Tomorrow arrives on May 13 via Relapse.