Nine Inch Nails' 'With Teeth' Gets "Definitive" Vinyl Reissue

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are also releasing their 'Bird Box' OST as a 4-LP vinyl set

BY Allie GregoryPublished Nov 22, 2019

Nine Inch Nails are reissuing their 2005 record With Teeth as a "Definite Edition" on deluxe vinyl.

The band's website explains that the updated double-LP release was "meticulously prepared by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and NIN art director John Crawford." Reznor and Ross explain that the record has been remastered on 180-gram vinyl, "with lots of details attended to that you may never notice but we care about."

Order With Teeth 2019 Definitive Edition here and see the full tracklisting below, where you'll also find a video trailer for the project.

In addition, Reznor and Ross have announced they will be releasing their Bird Box soundtrack as a four-LP vinyl box set.

"What started as a score for a film began to mutate and expand into something far beyond what you saw on the screen," the pair explain. "Over two hours of music that began recording in Los Angeles and was completed before and after Nine Inch Nails' performances during the 2018 'Cold, Black, & Infinite US Tour.'"

The Bird Box OST will also be released on 180-gram vinyl. Order it here

With Teeth 2019 Definitive Edition:

Side A

1. All The Love In The World

2. You Know What You Are?

3. The Collector
4. The Hand That Feeds

Side B

1. Love Is Not Enough

2. Every Day Is Exactly The Same

3. With Teeth

Side C

1. Only

2. Getting Smaller

3. Sunspots

4. Home

Side D

1. The Line Begins To Blur

2. Beside You In Time
3. Right Where It Belongs

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