Nicholas Krgovich Announces Veda Hille Tribute Album 'This Spring'

Listen to his cover of "Plants"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 24, 2021

Late last year, Nicholas Krgovich released a tune by fellow Vancouver songwriter Veda Hille on his covers album Pasadena Afternoon. Now, he's following that up with an entire 16-song album of Veda Hille covers.

The album is called This Spring, and it will be out on May 21 via Tin Angel Records. It includes "Plants," which appeared in an earlier version on Pasadena Afternoon, plus 15 other tracks. One of the songs is a new one performed by Hille herself.

In a statement, Krgovich explained that "Plants" was the genesis for the entire album:

I had recently played a show in L.A. where we learned her song 'Plants' and a lot of people came up to me afterwards being like, 'What the heck was that Plants song?,' everyone going to their phones and queueing up 'Veda Hille' on their Spotify accounts. So, I was just like, 'Wait, that's what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna make a covers album of Veda's songs!' And then that was that, I was off to the races and now it's done and I'm so happy to be able to share it with her and all of you.

Hear the lounge-y new version of "Plants" below, which features M. Sage on drums and Joseph Shabason (Krgovich's bandmate in Shabason, Krgovich & Harris) on flute. It comes with a video made by Krgovich and Terry Ondang, and shows the singer hanging out by the ocean on BC's Gabriola Island.

Krgovich and Hille go way back; they've been guesting on one another's albums for a couple of decades now. Back in 2003, we reviewed a show that Hille played with Krgovich's old band, P:ano.

This Spring:

1. Where Am I From
2. LuckLucky
3. Bedlam
4. Born Lucky 
5. 15 Years
6. Miracles
7. Bad Heart
8. Driven (excerpt) 
9. Burst: Neighbourhood Song
10. Carnage
11. Sleepers
12. Plants 
13. Slumber Queen
14. A Toast
15. Noah's Ark
16. This Spring

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