"We Forgot the Records to Our Record Release Show" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 22, 2015

Vancouver's NEEDS are both making fun of and taking solace in the power of punk in the new video for "We Forgot the Records to Our Record Release Show," taken from the band's upcoming self-titled LP. The clip also features some bare butts.

As you'll see down below, the video showcases shots of the quintet going wild at an intimate underground venue, slamming into the crowd and raising instruments high as vocalist Sean Orr waxes on the nature of being a mid-30s dude in a hardcore band.

Running parallel to this is a narrative that follows a twisty-moustached young photographer (played by real-deal Vancouver scene-cataloguer Ryan Rose). After escaping his home in the 'burbs, he spends his day taking pictures of punks, as well as engaging in more candid, gimp mask-employing self portraits. After a long day of lying down half-nude for some spicy S&M-flavoured shots, he hits the NEEDS show to experience something a little more hardcore.

You can peep the clip down below, courtesy of NPR.

NEEDS lands May 12 File Under: Music. Lest they royally screw things up, the band should have the album for sale at their upcoming record release party on May 14 at Vancouver's Fortune Sound Club.

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