Naked Raygun Bassist Pierre Kezdy Dies at 58

He was wrote such classic tracks as "Vanilla Blue" and "Home"
Naked Raygun Bassist Pierre Kezdy Dies at 58
Pierre Kezdy — the bassist for famed Chicago punk group Naked Raygun — has died. Early today Kezdy lost his battle with cancer while in hospice care, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. He was 58.

Kezdy joined Naked Raygun in 1985, shortly after the group had formed. While playing with the group, he went on write some of their most celebrated tracks, such as "Home" and "Vanilla Blue." During his time in Naked Raygun, he played alongside such bands as Black Flag, the Germs, the Ramones and Green Day, with the latter even opening for Naked Raygun.

After Naked Raygun broke up in 1992, Kezdy went on to play in bands such as Pegboy, Arsenal and Trial by Fire.

Kezdy also rejoined Naked Raygun for various reunions over the years, though this was hampered after he was affected by lingering paralysis following a stroke. As Chicago Sun-Times points out, his friends even created a special bass for Kezdy called a "buitar" that was lighter and smaller so he could play.

Kezdy, however, was able to play alongside Naked Raygun for the band's high-profile opening slot for Foo Fighters at a show in Wrigley Field in 2015.

Earlier this year, a GoFundMe page was launched in support of Kezdy and his family.