nêhiyawak, Wares, Himalayan Bear Members Announce Debut EP as Wayfinding

The self-titled effort is out tomorrow through Victory Pool Records

Photo: Levi Manchak

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 20, 2023

Cassia Hardy of Wares, Ryan Beattie of Chet and Himalayan Bear, and Marek Tyler and Matthew Cardinal of nêhiyawak have announced plans for their debut EP as Wayfinding. The self-titled project is due to arrive tomorrow (April 21) through Victory Pool Records.

Having released their debut single "Bad Blood" late last year, they now share "Belafonte's Farewell" alongside a set of visuals animated and edited by Stephanie Kuse. It's about "ephemeral moments and how bittersweetly formative they can be." The five-track record sounds like it will follow suit, with Beattie describing it as a "textured gothic-sounding thing."

"[T]hematically, it's about dipping into fading memories and pulling them into sometimes reverent, comedic, or melancholic regions," according to Beattie. "There are ideas of good times and terrible times and coming to terms with my ancestry of colonialism and how that relates to my writing partner Marek and his ancestry. And in a way, all these things mash together in an undefined but hopefully beautiful and interesting way."

Tyler added, "I don't feel ashamed when I play music. I am me. I close my eyes, listen, and wait, then do my best to support. Before, when writing a song, I used to close my eyes, I used to imagine an audience, but now I feel my family and friends. When the sweat lodge door closes, you can't see anything, but you can feel everything. Cassia, Matthew, and Ryan provide the space to be free."

Watch a visualizer for "Belafonte's Farewell" and check out the EP's tracklist ahead of its arrival in full below.


1. Bad Blood
2. Belafonte's Farewell
3. Hiro Up from the Woodshop
4. Passenger in a Car at Night
5. Thomas in a Rick James Wig

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