Miguel Migs Those Things

For all things soulful and funky house music fans can turn to Miguel Migs. For a revival of the deeper side of deep house check out this innovative new record. The songs of Those Things, which may have been created via the use of a time warp, take you back to periods of early funk and soul. Live instrumentation and electronic rhythms are created to make a resulting sound that’s fused and organic. Migs worked with a line-up of guest vocalists, including reggae legend Junior Reid, Sadat X from Brand Nubian, Lisa Shaw and Fred Ross from Sly and the Family Stone. These tracks, covered with soul and skill, revert to the use of all things grooving, from snazzy bass lines to vocals, with grace and style. You’ll hear electric rock hooks, reggae riddims and inspiring vocals, as in the gorgeously deep vocal house of "Mesmerized.” This album holds dearly both the classic and the groundbreaking. House fans around the world take notice. I’m excited for what’s to come. (Salted)