Miguel Migs Nite:life 03

As deep house becomes more and more de rigeur for the post-rave underground club set, so does the desire for DJs to diversify their tastes in records. Alongside King Britt and Ashley Beedle, San Francisco's Miguel Migs is perhaps the best known of this generation of spinners. Though better known as one of the core DJs, producers and remixers for Naked Music Recordings, his mix for the latest instalment of the Nite:life series spotlights him in a more open form, gliding through a colourful range of moods and sounds. Migs moves from the devotional, but danceable, "Spirit of the Night," by Next Evidence, into the gorgeous chords of his own track, "Future Flight," and lands into the plush, electro-funk of Need's "Low Gravity Dance." He hypnotises the listener with low-wave synths from the Discowboys' "At Midnight," but then goes earthy with the carnival sounds of Fresh & Low's "Especialle" and Eddie & Dus' conga-laden "Starlight." The energy starts to peak when he drops the soulful, lover's rock of Phatt Pussycat's "Find A Way," and follows with a plateau of jazzy, atmospheric house before dipping into down-tempo dub with Big Audio Spidermite and Grant Phabao, at the end of the disc. Nite:life 03 has a vivid quality to it, and yet with Migs' quick and unexpected fades, there's the sense that this is just a recording of a DJ playing their favourite records, which is really what more mix CDs should be about. (NRK)