Members of Coldplay, Mew and A-Ha Launch Apparatjik

Members of Coldplay, Mew and A-Ha Launch Apparatjik
A new supergroup of sorts, with the curiously endearing name of Apparatjik, have been officially announced, featuring members of Coldplay, Mew and A-Ha.

The group just launched their very retro-looking Rubick's Cube-themed website and have posted a few snippets there, along with some random instrumental footage on YouTube (see below).

The group feature Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, Mew's Jonas Bjerre and Magne Furuholmen, from the recently broken up A-Ha, and have already released a track, "Ferreting," on the soundtrack to BBC show Amazon.

According to fansite, Apparatjik are currently working on a debut album, and a free download of the band's first single, "Electric Eye," is available from their label, Kensaltown Records, here.

So far, the official line-up hasn't been announced and the band are trying to hype themselves up by tweeting things like, "Have you guessed the vocal chords yet?," in regards to who's manning the microphone on their first single. So far, most seem to be betting on Coldplay's Berryman.

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the heads-up.